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Website Tracking

Web tracking is the general name given to technologies which track visitors as they use a website and travel around the internet. It is essential that website owners implement an effective web tracking system if they want to understand how their site is being used, and to make changes that will improve conversion rates and increase their profit margins.


One of the best known and undoubtedly most popular web tracking technologies is Google Analytics. This gives website owners access to a whole suite of information about how users interact with their website. The information it provides to webmasters includes the pages which people visit, how they get to the site in the first place, how long they spend there and which pages they leave from. It's easy to become slightly overwhelmed by the information that's available within Google Analytics when using Google Analytics for the first time, so picking a few key elements and focusing on them is a good strategy for first time users who want to make the most of it.

Screen Tracking

There are also more complex website tracking systems, which can record users' screens while they are browsing a website. This gives webmasters an insight into how users are interacting with the content on their pages, and whether it is eye-catching and relevant enough to hold their attention.

Setting up website tracking software should be a crucial part of any website owner's checklist when they're launching a website; without this information, they could miss out on significant revenue opportunities.

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